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Slaughter City
Lankershim Arts Center, NOHO, Dir. Jeremy Adrienne Lelliott

Slaughter City

"Under Eshelman's Isadora Duncan-inspired choreography, the dancers and the actors portraying the workers occasionally break into industrial yet graceful balletic movements."
-Travis Michael Holder, Ticketholders LA

"From time to time a trio of dancers, including Donna Eshelman—who also choreographed the show—... enhance the onstage action."

-Ed Rampell, People's World 




Grove Theatre Center, Dir. Jeremy Adrienne Lelliott, 2017

Ovation Recommended


"Both actors convincingly evoke the psychological scars and tormented legacy of their characters’ past."
-Philip Brandes, LA Times

"....convincing, emotionally tuned performances."

-Lovell Estell III, Stage Raw 

"TOP TEN recommended!"

-Stage Raw 



“The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up,” by Carla Ching, World Premiere
Artists at Play, Dir. Jeremy Lelliott, 2016
The Lounge Theatre, Los Angeles

Ovation Recommended

The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up

"...(the actors) skillfully chart their characters' lives from childhood through middle age."
-Philip Brandes, LA Times

"Wonderfully amazing that Cho and Lee oh-so-easily regress to childlike 9-year-olds, up through their chaotic teen years to their beginning adulthood to their end-of-the-play age of 38."
-Gil Kaan, Broadway World


Vieux Carré, Tennessee Williams
Coeurage Theatre Company, Dir. Jeremy Lelliott, 2016
the historic Lankershim Arts Center, North Hollywood

Vieux Carre

"Vieux Carré directed by Jeremy Lelliott is a theatrical masterpiece. This surprising, alluring version of the play attacks the visceral senses. It is Lelliott’s extraordinary vision that captures a fascinating period of time and place. The actors are mesmerizing, living, breathing, three-dimensional characters that occupy the space so perfectly that one gets a tingling sensation, caught up and absorbing every desperate moment.

Shaun Taylor-Corbett brings an outstanding physical life to Tye. ….Taylor-Corbett moves about the stage with confidence and precision. The work is exceptional.

And Jonathan Kells Phillips’ craft has an extreme clarity with a grand mixture of a physical life, mixed with an emotional core, and a historical background. Although he does not appear until late in the play, this is one performance you do not want to miss!"
-Joe Straw, Joe Straw #9 blog

"Donna Eshelman’s movement of these fine actors, and Brandon Baruch’s lighting of JR Bruce’s ghostly set, give weight and power to the meandering story. …,[text deleted] the actors perform as if their characters have been liberated from a word-prison. …These cold archetypes leap to hot life here."
-Jason Rohrer, Stage and Cinema

"Needless to say, Jeff Gardner’s Foley design is in a class by itself, with TJ Marchbank’s fight choreography and Donna Eshelman’s movement coaching and choreography completing director Lelliott’s overall vision to perfection."
-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"…a noble and inventively executed effort."
-David C. Nichols, LA Times


“The Woodsman,” Steven Fechter

Coeurage Theatre Company, Dir. Jeremy Lelliott
Lyric-Hyperion Theatre, Los Angeles, 2015

"This is by far Jeremy Lelliott’s finest work as director. The moments play out to perfection, the acting is as natural and compelling as any theatre in Los Angeles, and it all works to such a degree that it is a riveting ninety-minutes of pure theatre. This is certainly the finest drama I’ve seen this year."
-Joe Straw, Joe Straw #9 blog, 2/24/16

"Cummings doesn’t just bring the deeply complex Walter to life, he inhabits his skin so fully that you will find yourself forgetting that it’s great acting you’re seeing and not great being."
-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA



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